Thesis Woes

What the hell am I doing creating a blog entry?  I should be writing my thesis.  The 20 pages I have finished so far have taken 10 days to complete.  I expect the final product to be 200-250 pages long (including figures).  My writing rate of 2 pages/day is simply too slow to meet my deadline of April 18, which is the last possible day that I could finish in order to defend in the first week of June (because six weeks must elapse between thesis completion and the exam date).  I have to complete all requirements by June 30th, or any offer of admission to medical school will be recinded.  Defending in early June will give me just enough time to complete the revisions that will surely be required by my examining committee.  You would think that the possibility of not getting into medical school because of not finishing my thesis on time would motivate the hell out of me, yet I keep finding reasons not to work.  Hopefully you won’t see another blog entry for awhile because I intend to buckle down and stop distracting myself.