St. John’s College Mug Snub

At tonight’s formal dinner at St. John’s College, I received my first mug for contributing to the College.  Does receiving a mug now, at what could prove to be my last formal dinner at St. John’s, make up for being snubbed for the previous two mug ceremonies?  I would say yes if I had received the mug for organizing hockey or poker.  But those activities are obviously not valued by the powers that be.  Instead, I was one of about 100 people who received a mug for being a member of the Outreach committee, most of whom never even attended a meeting.  Baseball was worth a mug.  Ultimate was worth a mug.  Soccer was worth a mug.  Even music appreciation club members received a mug.  But our national pastime took a backseat to every conceivable club you can imagine.  Therefore, the mug is more of an insult than an honour, and I the only thing I will use if for is drinking malt liquor.  At least that will leave a better taste in my mouth than tonight’s mug snub. 

One thought on “St. John’s College Mug Snub

  1. Dude, I feel for ya. I got a mug for softball but not hockey. I put 10x more effort into hockey than softball.Turn on comments will ya!

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