Do I shave it off?

Below are two unflattering pictures of old men.  At least J-rod (left) can do some sit-ups.  My situation is more dire (right).  I was horrified to see that a distinct horse-shoe is forming.  Is it time?  Leave me a comment with your answer.  I’m prepared to abide by the consensus.

<IMG src="/images/14229-13631/potbellyjoel.jpg”><IMG src="/images/14229-13631/horseshoetyson.jpg”>


6 thoughts on “Do I shave it off?

  1. Yeah, do it. If it looks bad, just grow whatever you have left back in. Plus, it’ll be cooler during the summer.

  2. You don’t know me, but I’m an reader and he sent me over to give my opinion.My opinion is this: do it. Men with shaved heads are hot.

  3. Happy Belated Birthday. Haven’t seen the blog in a while. I say let it go, but grow it back short. I hear all this news of drinking contests and I almost get misty. Man, I miss those days. Come on out to the ‘Toba sometime and I’ll have a challenge with you over some Fort Garry Ale.

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