Easy Rider

<IMG src="/images/14229-13631/Tyson_Riding.jpg”>

I am happy to report that I passed my class 6 road test on Wednesday and now have an unrestricted motorcycle licence.  This was the last hurdle that I needed to pass in order to pave the way for a long-planned motorcycle adventure.  I will be leaving tomorrow morning for a two week vacation (much deserved).  The first week will be a golf trip down the west coast with Adam, Joel, and Tom.  Tom and I will ditch the wankers for the second week and rent Harleys (Sportster 883s) http://eaglerider.carrentalexpress.com/one_vehicle.php?vid=6164&PHPSESSID=e17b5bd38d78c2bba8c0c7780ced8091.  We’ll take them to Arizona and back.  We even plan on squeezing in a cowboy adventure while in Arizona.  The plan is to go on an overnight pack trip.

My parents worry a little too much about me, IMO.  Therefore for the sake of their peace of mind, I elected not to tell them about the motorcycle portion of the trip.  As far as they know, I will be golfing for the entire two weeks.  There was a close call because my brother Cailean told them my plans.  Luckily I narrowly escaped because they believed he was joking.  I’ll show them the pictures when I get back.  Luckily they don’t know about this blog

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