Wreck Beach

It’s a travesty that I live right across the street from Wreck beach and yet rarely find the time to indulge in its spectacular scenery.  People come from all over just to see it.  I regret not spending more time down there while it is so convenient.  Soon I’ll be living in Toronto and Wreck beach will seem like it’s in another universe (and in many ways it is).  I made it down to Wreck on Saturday for only the second time this year (the first was a bonfire back in May).  I’m glad I did.  It was nice to relax, observe the scenery, go for a swim, throw the Frisbee around, drink a few beer, and just chill for a day.  The beach was packed and exuded a party atmosphere.  It was a human carnival.  Which may explain the police presence towards the evening.

If were to pick one law that needs to be taken off the books in Canada it would be the following: it is unlawful to consume liquor in a public place.   I think that it is out-dated and downright backwards.  Europeans certainly find it laughable.  When I was in Germany we sat around and drank beer out of our backpacks on the roof of the Reichstag, the centre of the German government, and it was perfectly acceptable.  I can understand that such a law gives police a bit more ability to curb public drunkenness.  But walking around Wreck handing out $112 tickets is not serving any purpose.  It is an abuse of a law that is designed to reduce drunk driving.  The police could easily maintain a presence at the top the stairs leading to the beach and charge intoxicated people if they get into their cars.  Drunk driving kills and I have no problem with police taking a tough stance on drunk drivers.  But people should not be given tickets for sipping a beer on a beach where public drinking (and much more) has been deemed socially acceptable.  Wreck is not a family beach.  It is isolated.  There are no neighbours to complain about noise.  I believe that in most cases drinking a few beer in such a place is harmless.  The law needs to change to reflect this.

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