Helen the Ninja

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I am proud to announce a new addition to my family: Helen the Ninja.  She is fast, light, nimble, and a I would argue a real looker.  I picked her up in Orilia, Ontario today, which is a 2 hour drive north of where I live.  Driving her home was the most fun I’d had on a vehicle since I rented the Harley Heritage Softail Classic (Shelley II).  However, this bike is the complete antithesis of the Heritage Softail.  I don’t have to fight to keep her on the road going around sharp turns at speed.  She accelerates faster.  She is so much easier to manoeuvre in small spaces like parking lots.  She makes a lot of noise, but it is a completely different sound than a Harley.  Harleys make a deep roaring sound.  Helen the Ninja sounds like an angry bee trying in vain to get through a pane of glass.  She loves high revs.  In fact, she loves cruising at 8,000-10,000 RPM.  She hates it when you shift gears before you really gun the engine.  On the whole she’s a hell of a lot of fun.  She may not  be a Ducati or a Triumph, but she has spunk. 

I got a good deal on her because she’s been dropped once on her left side, an incident which cracked the fairing in three places.  She’s also been run off the road and ditched, so the right fairing is scrathed too.  Yeah she’s been around the block and some would say she’s damaged goods.  After all she’s been dropped and ditched.  But Helen is a fiesty creature and a little TLC will have her mint in no time.

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