Is Salar de Uyuni really on this planet?

<IMG src="/images/14229-13631/Salar.jpg”>
<IMG src="/images/14229-13631/salar5.jpg”>
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By all accounts, Bolivia’s Salar de Uyuni is as close as you can get to experiencing another planet while still remaining on this one.  In the dry season it is a huge flat expanse.  It is surrounded by desert and mountains, and covered by several inches of…salt.  It can even be seen from space (see the pictures below).  During the wet season, it becomes a vast shallow inland sea.  Motorcyclists say that riding across it (during the dry season) is like riding across a frozen lake, except with better traction.  For many it is the single important stop on any tour of the Americas.  It has certainly captured my imagination, and it has earned a spot on my list of must-see places.  This list is still in its infancy, and so far the only other items are Tierra Del Fuego and Machu Picchu.

1. Tierra Del Fuego
2. Machu Picchu
3. Salar de Uyuni

I hereby put out the call for suggestions of places to see on my epic adventure across the Americas.  Please send me comments with suggestions of anything cool on the route from the tip of South America to Toronto.  I’m open to anything.  However, since I will be riding up the west side of South America, Brazil and Venezuela will have to wait for another time.

Let the route planning begin.

Machu Picchu, Peru
<IMG src="/images/14229-13631/machupicchu.jpg”>

Salar de Uyuni from Space:
<IMG src="/images/14229-13631/salar2.jpg”>
<IMG src="/images/14229-13631/salar4.jpg”>

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