In search of a name

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Today I brought my baby home.  She was quieter and gave a smoother ride than I expected.  I really enjoy the riding position.  I was sitting so high that I could see over the cars in front of me on the freeway.  She cornered better than I expected too.  The frost heave and potholes on the highway were a breeze.  She sailed easily over cracks and holes, even at 130 km/h.  On Helen, this type of road surface is downright scary.  Somewhere on the 427 I started to truly believe that this bike could take me around the world.

The Gerbing’s electric vest and gloves performed well at -9 deg. C. even at highway speeds.  My only cold-related problem was the wind around my neck.  Maybe I should have worn a balaclava.

What surprised me in a bad way was how awful the front brakes were.  Compared to Helen, stopping the KLR felt like stopping a semi.  How could the front brake be so ineffective?  It was mushy and unresponsive.  The bike is not that heavy.  Hopefully the braided brake lines and the new rotor that I plan on installing will make a difference.

Naming my new child is proving difficult.  I’ve been pondering “La Poderosa” (The Mighty) after Che Guevara’s bike, but it seems a bit unoriginal.  I think I want something Spanish sounding because her maiden voyage will be through Latin America.  Any ideas?


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