Progressive fork springs are done

<IMG src="/images/14229-13631/spring1.jpg”><IMG src="/images/14229-13631/spring2.jpg”>

Today I made some more progress on the KLR mods.  I replaced the stock fork springs with aftermarket progressive fork springs.  The idea is to improve the front suspension.  This job was actually relatively straightforward for once.  Plus I even got to go fishing.  I used a coat hanger to fish out the old spring.  I took old the forks most of the way out and let the fork oil drain for a few minutes.  Then it was a simple matter of putting the new springs in and resealing the caps on the fork legs.

Trying to get the acerbis handguards attached and tightened in a way that didn’t make the throttle stick was another matter.  I ended up fiddling with it for a long time before I got it close.  And then I still had to adjust the throttle cables.  But I am happy to report that that mission is now accomplished. 

However, I noticed a new problem.  The clutch cable is way too tight, probably because I had to change its position slightly to get the acerbis bracket mounted on the handlebar.  It’s so tight that it’s hard to depress the clutch lever.  My attempts at introducing some cable play, both at the clutch lever and at the guard, have failed.  Damn you acerbis!

2 thoughts on “Progressive fork springs are done

  1. Tyson- Just wanted to let you know that I appreciate your blog. I bought a lime green 2006 KLR 650 when I was back on leave from Afghanistan. I bought all the parts to heavily modify my bike and when I get back I have alot of work to do. The pics are helpful because I will also be replacing the stock springs with progressive ones. I will be riding from Oregon home to Watertown, New York in August I believe. Keep the blog updated- I for one appreciate it.

  2. Baldwin is sort of getting to be a bit funny. I don’t know what happened, but a few years ago they suddenly went bankrupt and Gibson bought the whole outfit. Since then they haven’t seemed to be doing an awfully good job of providing pianos.

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