One thought on “More Pictures

  1. Tyson, that was an incredible story. I am glad that Ted wasn’t more seriously injured. Your blog can certainly give more details than a text message. At least we know now what has happened. Will Ted be able to ride with his arm in a sling? Will he be able to get the bike part that he needs? Both no doubt silly questions.we are probably going to Whiterock on Tues. Walter got bit by sand fleas or blackflies and is having quite a reaction. what about poisonous bugs, scorpions, spiders, snakes etc where you are? Area looks like a desert. Alice’s number is 604-538-2530. We will text message for sure when we will be there. We still are at Burtons. We have spent some time with Cailen. He is still seeing Rachel. They went swimming at the Sooke Potholes. We swam there with Burtons. do you remember, because he doesn’t. I am glad that you are in one piece and are taking care of Ted.I will also email as I don’t know how often you access your blog.

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