Day 68 – Lima, Peru

So far we have been pretty lucky with our health on this trip.  There have only been two incidents up until now.  The first was back in Mexico: one of us had to stop his bike to throw up on the side of the road after eating a questionable hamburger.  The second occurred in Nicaragua, where one of us had a bout of diarrhea lasting half a day.

I think that this is a pretty good record considering that before we were even through Mexico we had quit heeding all rules about ice, water, fruit, etc.  I was the first to snap, buying a frappuccino made with ice of an unknown source.  It was so good, that I figured it was worth the risk.  Ted saw my enjoyment and immediately followed suit.  Since then, we have been drinking and eating whatever has been put in front of us, ice and guinea pigs included.

It was liberating not to worry about getting sick.  If it it happens, it happens.  The payoff is much more enjoyment of food and drink on a daily basis.  You can never eliminate your risk anyway.  The sketchiest looking food stand by the side of the road could be just fine, whereas you end up getting sick from a cocktail in a fancy restaurant.

Besides, I have a theory that by brushing my teeth with local water at every place we stop, I can expose myself to a subthreshold dose of bugs and thus build up an immunity without getting sick.  I have no way of knowing whether this is medically valid.  For now I will indulge in this supersition.

I have been sick all day today, having had to stay in close proximity to the hotel bathroom until now.  I´m not sure what caused it.  I started to have an upset stomach yesterday.  Last night I felt feverish.  In the afternoon I had been chilled to the bone after trying to take one for the team and riding Ted´s bike.  Without a windscreen, the cold damp coastal fog went right through two sweaters, my riding jacket, and my GoreTex (Peru is damn cold and windy this time of year).  When we finally stopped (the police pulled us over for yet another bogus ticket but we bribed them with counterfeit money, mwahaha), I had the shakes.  Not to mention a sore back and a sore butt.  Ted must be made of tougher stuff than me.  I can´t even handle the pain of riding his bike for a couple of hours, let alone three months.

Anyway, I am hoping I will be better by the morning, because we would like to get out of foggy Lima and back onto the open road.  Machu Picchu calls.

PS – I have uploaded more pictures at  Use with password klr650 to view them.


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