Interactive Maps of my Baja Adventure

Below are interactive maps of the southern and nothern halves of my trip. The southern leg started in Cabo San Lucas. From there I rode on tarmac to Loreto on the first day. The next day I rode almost entirely on dirt from Loreto (on the Sea of Cortez) to a whale watching camp on Laguna San Ignacio (on the Pacific side). Because my luggage rack disintegrated and I got lost, I ended up night riding on sandy tracks for several hours before finally making it to the camp. The next day I went whale watching (awesome!) and afterwards limped to San Ignacio where I had my luggage rack welded back together.  I stayed at Ricardo’s Rice and Beans, which is an unofficial stopover of the Baja 1000. Indeed I met many other enduro riders there, including one guy who split the swingarm on his BMW 650 in two and had to have his bike hauled over 200 km by a local rancher. The next day I rode dirt to Bahia de Los Angelos. This was a fantastic ride recommended by Bruce, one of the riders I met at Ricardo’s. He has been riding the Baja for over 20 years.

Baja California Adventure (South Leg)

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The next map is the nothern leg of my trip. By this point I was running out of time so I stuck to the pavement. I found an oasis of a hotel called “Jardines” with lush tropical grounds and great food. This was recommended to me by a 70-something year old lady travelling through Mexico with her friend by bus. I met these two spirited ladies at the whale watcher camp. They have travelled throughout Mexico by bus and had many stories of stumbling upon random festivals and hidden towns and their fond experiences of the warmth of the Mexican people.

Baja California Adventure (North Leg)

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