Yucatan Mayan Adventure: Trip Proposal

Day 1. Fly into Cancun (A) and take the bus to Playa del Carmen. Relax on the beach, or by the pool at hotel LunaSol.

Day 2: Pick up the motorcycle and ride down the coast to check out the ruins at Tulum (:

Then, in the afternoon, ride inland and check out the ruins at Coba (C):

In the late afternoon, refresh with a swim in the Dzitnup or Keken cenote just south of Valladolid:

After that head into the town of Valladolid for Margaritas. Stay in the boutique hotel El Meson del Marques. Be sure to sample the wine produced locally by the owners.

Day 3: Head out early to beat the tour buses to perhaps the greatest mayan ruins in existence: Chichen Itza (E)

Head to the Mayan-influenced city of Merida to enjoy a late lunch. I have been told by Mexicans that the food in Merida is worth a trip in itself. It is influenced by the local Mayan culture as well as the Caribbean, Middle East, and Europe. Let lunch turn into dinner and just keep on eating and sipping cocktails into the night. Turn in at the boutique hotel Cascadas de Merida.

Day 4: Head south to the jungle covered ruins of Uxmal (F):

Then continue deep into the Calakmul biosphere reserve. Spend the night at the Puerto Calakmul Eco-hotel.

Day 5: Perhaps the highlight of the trip. Ride the dirt road south through the jungle to the remote ruins of Calakmul (H).

After playing Indiana Jones all day, return to the eco-hotel for the night.

Day 6: Head out first thing in the morning to the Becan ruins (G). Then ride back to Playa del Carmen.  If time allows, there are plenty of great places along the Mayan Riviera to stop for a day or two along the way.


3 thoughts on “Yucatan Mayan Adventure: Trip Proposal

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