The Most Inappropriate Man in the World

I am pleased to report that I am recovering from my spine surgery in the comfort of my parents’ home in Lethbridge. The cellulitis is fading more and more every day. The pain is much better and I am now off pain medications (although there is still some pain in the background). I can get my right arm up above my head, which is a big improvement, but I am still unable to lift even 2 lbs above my shoulder. This is discouraging, but the fact that there has been some (albeit minimal) improvement is encouraging. I am still experiencing frequent fasciculations in my shoulders and arms, which is a constant reminder of what I thought I was facing.

As the year comes to a close, it is tradition for us residents to present a video at grand rounds that gently makes fun of ourselves. This year I was recovering from surgery so I could not be involved in much of the filming (although Colin, the director and producer, did come over to my place to shoot some scenes). Thus, we decided that I would put together a stand alone “commercial” that is a spoof of the Dos Equis “Most interesting man in the world” commercials – except billing me as “The most inappropriate man in the world”. I had friends send in their favourite anecdotes of me being inappropriate. I was amazed at the sheer volume of responses. And yes, I did steal my friend’s wedding gift but only because it was left in a hotel room and he had already departed on his honeymoon without it. It was a damn good bottle of Scotch and I didn’t want it to go to waste. But I always intended on replacing it, so you could say that I really was only “borrowing it”. 

Of course, because the intended audience of the video was a work audience, a large portion of my most inappropriate moments had to be omitted. Nonetheless, a lot of material still made its way in. The video that I have shared below is actually filled with one full minute of extra bonus inappropriateness compared to the theatrical release that was shown to my work colleagues earlier today. One conclusion that could be drawn is that I actually am inappropriate. However, I prefer to think that other people are just overly sensitive.  You be the judge:


2 thoughts on “The Most Inappropriate Man in the World

  1. Wow…best ‘inappropriate’ blog EVER!!!!! That was amazing…we had a funny mid-morning moment from Jay’s 50th that we could have contributed but clearly you have a great deal of entertaining material. We continue to pray for you daily and hope you are on a upward spiral!!!!! God Speed dear one

  2. Hi Tyson. I met you in 2012 when you treated my mom at the foothills in the ER.Found your site trying to track down Dr. Fletcher. You were an awesome Dr. I was sad to read about the problems you are going through. We hope you can get back to medicine soon. Your helping my mom that day I can’t find the words to thank you enough. We will never forget your kindness that day. good luck

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