Team Canuck Cheops

In 2007, my friend Ted Macher and myself rode our motorcycles (Ted was riding a Suzuki DR650 and I was riding a Kawasaki KLR650) from Toronto, Canada to Buenos Aires, Argentina. This was a 25,000 km ride through 13 countries over the course of just over 3 months. In 2008, I embarked on another round-the-world ride, this time from London, England to Cape Town, South Africa. I was joined by Jeremy Bezchlibnyk and Tom Smith (Ted Macher joined us on a Fireblade through Europe). This 3.5 month trip took us through 25 countries and over a distance of 25,000 km. This blog celebrates adventures and misadventures in motorcycle travel and in life. I will never forget the adventures, people, and landscapes that I have been fortunate enough to experience thus far. Here’s to the next adventure…


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