Calgary to Victoria the Scenic Route

Congratulations to my brother Cailen who just got married to Rachael in Victoria. I rode from Calgary to Victoria for the festivities on trusty ol’ Rosa (who now has well over 70,000 km on her) taking the scenic route through Montana, Idaho, and Washington state on the way there. On the way back I took highway 3 through southern BC and Alberta. Ted, of South America and Africa adventure fame, joined me for the first leg of the trip. He had ridden his DRZ400 to Calgary from Chatham, ON. Ted rode with me through the Rockies and over the Logan’s pass in Montana. Even Jeremy of Africa fame and his girlfriend Lisa were able to join us for one day of riding. It was nice to have the three amigos back together if only for a day. Ted continued on through Yellowstone and Mount Rushmore before heading home. It felt so good to be back in the saddle that I wished I could just take off and hit the open road for a few months again. Alas those days are over for now.

I have used the GPS tracking information to recreate my route complete with photos, which you can view below.


Calgary to Victoria Scenic Route

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